Preparing for your Bridal Hair Trial

It always nice to have a Trial for your Hair and Makeup before your wedding day. Knowing what your hair style will be like on the day reduces less stress on the big day and it also gives you time to try it out with your hair accessories.
When should a Bride Hair Trial Take Place?
It can take at any time before your wedding, but the more time you allow yourself before the big day the better, as this will give you time to prepare your hair. Such as, let it grow an Inch longer or have a colour update a few days prior. Also have a few hair treatments before hand to make your hair healthy and Shiny.
Will you be wearing a veil or accessories?
No problem, let us know if you will be wearing a Veil or any head accessories and we can incorporate that into your hair style. You can show photos of the head piece or bring it in to fit it onto the style during your trial.

Wedding hair style Inspiration

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