2018 Hair Trends that are going to be Huge this year

With the start of 2018 ahead its nice to set yourself up with a new hairstyle to start the year ahead. We created a list of Hair Trends that are going to be huge this year.

Curtain Bangs
Bangs are going to be huge this year, and they’re are lots of Variations. One style that is popular is Curtain Bangs which is making a huge comeback. Since curtain bangs are parted down the center and longer to begin with, it’ll be easier to avoid any awkward stages when you decide to grow them out.

Choppy Bangs
The experts over at Hairstory (which are known to set trends among their model and influencer clientele) predicts we’ll see this look all over New York, too. Ask for a length that sits at your brows and is slightly choppier in the center, which opens up the face.

A surprising number of celebs chopped their hair off into pixies—including Katie Holmes. Instead of following the other stars’ leads with short, textured cuts, Holmes opted to keep some length on top for a few more styling options.

The Short Shag
Looking for a short haircut with tons of appeal? Then you should try out one of many shag hairstyles. Modern shag haircuts add your look a stylish edgy twist moving your hairstyles to the next level. A shag is fantastic in any length and are equally good on fine and thick, curly and straight hair.

Mid Length Cuts

Whats more simple than a Mid Length cut to go with those with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

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