Why Balayage is here to stay?

Balayage hair has been all the rage for a while now and it isn’t going anywhere soon. Balayage It is a hair technique that started in France and aimed to create soft, sultry highlights that look more modern than the traditional highlights. This gives hair fabulous depth as well as gives the hair a fuller look.

Balayage hair colour is different from traditional hair colouring in that it is painted freehand as opposed to using foil or a hair cap.

It works great on those with a brown hair colour to give it some gorgeous caramel tones. You can intensify the hue by going from a soft hue to a bolder wash. It works great on all hair lengths, especially on extremely short hair styles.

Blondes can work a fabulous balayage just as well as brunettes. Most blondes would go for a more cool toned balayage which looks great as you can play around with different types of tones.

A common hair trend that usually comes about in the winter months would be people wanting to warm up their hair colour and in order to do this a balayage

is a great way to do it. If you have been rocking a beach blonde look for the summer and need a retouch balayage is a great way to have a subtle transition from your natural root colour to your blonde ends. This is a great way to grow out your old hair colour as well as needing fewer trips to the salon to keep your hair looking great. It can be a small subtle change to your hair that makes a huge difference to your overall appearance.

Here at D Eleven we have the skills and techniques to balayage your hair however you want. Whether it is to warm up your hair with some warm tones or to brighten up your blonde hair to remind you of the summer that has just passed, we are happy to make this change to your hair.

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