Dermalogica Facial Experience

I had a Dermalogica facial at D Eleven, Romana, my beauty therapist began by consulting with me on my skin type, I explained that my skin is normal but that it can get dry sometimes so she chose the appropriate products that would be best suited to my skin type.

Romana began by removing any traces of makeup from my face, she then pre-cleansed my skin using Dermalogica Precleanse followed by a double cleanse using Essential Cleansing Solution, she proceeded to apply some Daily Microfoliant to my face, which helps even skin tone and smooth the skin, blackhead extraction was next, followed by an extremely relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

A Colloidal masque was then applied to my skin and I was left to relax for about 10 – 15 minutes while the masque dried, the room was softly lit while relaxing music played in the background, it was extremely tranquil and it felt wonderful to be in a such a calming environment, having a luxury treatment, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while.

Romana removed the masque and applied some Multi Active Toner, containing aloe vera and lavender, to hydrate the skin, following with some Intensive Moisture Balance cream, which leaves the skin soft and supple, then finally Solar Defense Booster SPF cream which helps to protect skin against UV damage.

The facial was rounded off by another neck and shoulder massage,

My skin felt revitalised, refreshed and extremely smooth to the touch, I felt so pampered and rejuvenated after the facial and massage and I can’t wait until my next facial!

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