5 Beauty Essentials To Make You Feel Good


1. Getting your nails done is an instant pick me up, our nails go through a lot and we use them for so many things, using nail polish also acts as a shock absorber so your nails don’t break as easily. Good nails finish off your whole look, giving it that fab finishing touch! Bite your nails? As a self-confessed ex-nail biter, now I love to show off my polished nails when they are looking good, making up for lost nail time!








  1. Pampering eases stress like you wouldn’t believe, we all get strained by our daily lives, we are always “on” thanks to our phones and daily lives are getting busier and busier and it’s almost impossible to switch off. There is nothing like a little me time for a massage or facial to make you forget all about the outside world for an hour or two, it will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.




3. Makeup is a lifesaver; I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t feel myself if I didn’t have my usual foundation and mascara applied and my eyebrows done. Our makeup is like our armour and we feel ready for anything once its applied. Who out there hasn’t felt horrible maybe after a breakup, got glammed up for a night out with fabulous makeup, killer heels and great outfit and felt fantastic again, works every time!




4. Nothing compares to the feeling of when you get your highlights done or your colour retouched, gone are the dark roots and you feel fabulous again! It adds to your confidence, whether it’s for that all-important job interview or that week away in the sun.






5. Normally my makeup look could be described as medium; not natural looking but not full on either, but when it comes to a night out I like to change things up by adding false lashes and a strong lip, life’s too short to be boring so why be afraid to try that red lipstick or that stellar set of lashes.







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